Breaking the Yoke of Bondage Through the Love and Peace of God

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At My Gospel Soul Ministries we are Pursuing God. We are pursuing the Peace of God. We are Currently a home based ministry. We are training up strong Saints of God that will Love the way God teaches to Love through the Power of the Word of God. We want to challenge others in the Body of Christ to stand and Decree and Declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Highways and Byways. We believe God that Souls will be saved and that The Saints of God will begin to Stand without fear, knowing that God is with them. It is no time for Compromising with the World. We must impact the World and not let the World impact the body of Christ. We are using this website to provide an online gateway to every outlet Pastor J uses to share the Word of God. Messages of Healing and Deliverance are shared. Testimonies of Empowerment, Breakthroughs, and God’s Divine Power are shared for the entire world to bare witness of his excellent greatness.

Pastor Jennice 


Glory Be to God For the Great Things He has Done!

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